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AMMDA was established by a group of senior CEO's of privately owned companies, who felt that they were not being fairly represented in matters of medical technology policy change.

The AMMDA is committed to ensure that the industry continues to allow small to mid-sized companies, along with the Multi-Nationals, to continue to supply innovative medical technology at affordable costs to the Australian public.

Recently we had discussions with the working committee on the purposed cut to the PL and we were successful at getting the committee to take time to consider the impact that this would have on small business and the Australian public. By working together as a united group our intention is to be part of the governments policy in supporting small business and reducing red tape and seeing this implemented in the medical technology field.

The AMMDA will focus on not only being just the voice, but also the eyes and ears for its members regarding any proposed changes to regulatory, reimbursement or any others issues identified that may impact on our ability to innovate, manufacture and supply to the Australian market.

Our goal is to be an active part in all future.


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Why belong to the AMMDA?

The AMMDA will be the ears and voice for small to medium sized Australian device companies. We will strive to ensure that innovation pathways and strategic engagement with decision makers remains a reality for our members. This includes understanding the potential impact of policy and regulatory decisions of Federal and State governments.

The vision of the AMMDA is to be an advocacy organisation that utilises the success and passion of its capable members to influence the policy development process with key decision makers.

We are focused on developing evidence-based policies to ensure government agendas align with the needs of our industry.

Other benefits of membership

  • Receive early notice of legislative, regulatory and policy developments
  • Gain member-only access to industry intelligence
  • Network with industry colleagues at AMMDA seminars and functions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the highest standards of ethics by signing on to the AMMDA Code of Conduct
Memberships are designed for sole operators through to multi-national companies.