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Code of Conduct

Medical Manufacturers and their distributors can serve the interests of patients through beneficial collaborations with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to advance medical technologies, enhance the safe and effective use of medical technologies, encourage research innovation and education.

To ensure that these collaborative relationships meet the highest ethical standards, they must be conducted with appropriate transparency and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and government guidance. The AMMDA Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals clarifies and distinguishes appropriate activity between health care professionals and representatives of AMMDA member companies

AMMDA and its members will encourage ethical business practices and  promotes an industry that is socially responsible in all conduct related to their interactions with health care professionals through:

  • The AMMDA Ethics Committee, leads The AMMDA in all its ethics and compliance initiatives, working with the industry and relevant associations ensuring the highest of standards are always maintained.
  • The AMMDA has an a Ethics code progam allowing non-members to adopt our code of conduct. The "Code of ethics adoption" offers any AMMDA member that has certified to the code a agreement to display the Code of Ethics Logo, promoting awareness of the AMMDA Code and providing a visible symbol of the Company’s commitment to effective compliance programming and ethical interactions with health care providers 

Download and Print a copy of the Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct 


Companies are strongly encouraged to adopt The "AMMDA's" Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.  Medical technology companies, both AMMDA members and non-members, may participate in this certification program. 

This Certification requires a company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  Managing Director (MD), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), or other senior individuals with equivalent responsibilities, to sign and affirm that their company has agreed to abide by the AMMDA's Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals ("AMMDA Code") and that they have implemented policies and procedures to implement the AMMDA Code as part of an effective compliance program. 

Certification Form


Any company that has certified to the AMMDA Code of Ethics may participate in the Logo Supporters Program and display the Code of Ethics Logo (above) on print or electronic media to represent their commitment to effective compliance programming and ethical interactions with health care providers.  For more information about the Logo Supporters Program click here

A company submitting a certification attests that:

  • The Company’s officers, employees, and agents are required to abide by the AMMDA Code for all interactions involving Health Care Professionals;
  • The Company has communicated the provisions of the AMMDA to all its dealers and distributors with the expectation that they must adhere to them;
  • The Company has made the AMMDA Code available on its public website; and
  • The Company has adopted the AMMDA Code and implemented an appropriately tailored effective compliance program related to interactions with Health Care Professionals.
Memberships are designed for sole operators through to multi-national companies.